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The Area's of Competition

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Our panel of judges will ask each contestant a range of questions (specific to their age division) to get to know each contestant and to allow them to develop their public speaking skills.

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Active Wear

All about being full of energy and sass on stage whilst showcasing an outfit that expresses each contestants take on an ACTIVE lifestyle attire.

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Fun Fashion

is as the name sounds all about FUN and FASHION. This section allows contestants to demonstrate their creativity through colour and style as well as their inspiration of pageantry fashion.

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Community & Charity

Contestants are encourage to get involved with a charity of their choice; fundraising and advocating for the charity. Whilst also making appearances with their community. 

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Evening Wear

Contestants don their beautiful gowns and take to the stage full of elegance, grace and poise.

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Self Introduction

One by one each contestant will introduce themselves, giving their name, age, division and their charitable platform.

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